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Monday, April 19, 2010

Lenz test -vs- Ward test


The Lenz Law was deducted before any accurate measuring devices existed. Lenz used a Galvanometer, a thermometer, hand cranked machine and alcohol. He was watching for temperature changes not flux, current, wardforce or even poles.

About this unit shown above
A Galvanometer is and was used for showing the direction of a DC current. It does not work with an AC current.

What does his test have to do with Magnetism? With his test, why does his “Rule”, as translated to me, make this claim? “In order for output to increase, input must increase or you are violating the “Law of Conservation of Energy”.


Digital equipment used for measuring results:
  • Amp meters
  • Volt meters
  • Tachometers
  • DC drive motor
  • DC power supply

The test Mr. Lenz conducted was great in 1834. Now in 2010 we have tachometer, volt meter, Amp meter, etc… Even when Faraday was experimenting, he had nothing to accurately measure input or output of an apparatus. Faraday’s tests, like Lenz, if they were complete test and using today’s technology would conclude with different deductions.

Can anyone get me a copy of the papers in English where the "Lenz Law" was deducted? If I can get a copy of these papers, which I can read and understand, I could then challenge his claims. Until then, don't tell me I am violating this "Law of Physics", the "Lenz Law". I say, it does not apply to what I am doing and if I could get a copy, I would explain. Let's explore the possibilities, give me that chance, to challenge his claims.