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Thursday, December 31, 2009

How an EPMC works!

Watch videos #1 and LIT demo. also.

In this video I will demonstrate that “Wardforce” exists, can be manipulated to generate torque and can be controlled. By definition, wardforce is the push-pull part of a magnetic field (pull is gravity and push is …). This device demonstrates that torque can be generated using wardforce. Is this the only use for wardforce? I am using 3 different voltage inputs to the DC drive motor, 25v, 35v and 45v. I have a:

1.DC power supply for input observations.

2.Hose used for coupling DC motor shaft to the shaft on an Energy Producing Magnetic Converter, US patent 7531930.

3.Digital tachometer for shaft speed observations.

I have a layered steel (laminate) core with copper wire coil taken from an AC motor. The core has been modified. At 25v (showing more input is required) demonstrating the pull (gravity) part of the field. At 35v with no change in needed input, this demonstrates more control of the wardforce. At 45v (showing less input is required) demonstrating the push part of the field.

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